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I am trying to install Doxygen in Ubuntu using binaries already compiled from here Installation Doxygen. Afer running ./compile when I run the make install command, I get the following error:

 user@User:~/doxygen-1.8.6$ sudo make install 
/usr/bin/install -d /usr/local/bin
/usr/bin/install -d /usr/local/doc/doxygen
/usr/bin/install -m 755 bin/doxygen    /usr/local/bin
/usr/bin/install -m 755 bin/doxytag    /usr/local/bin
/usr/bin/install: cannot stat `bin/doxytag': No such file or directory
make: *** [install] Error 1

I have also tried using the sudo make install command but that doesn't help as well. I have looked at a similar thread posted here but I somehow can't get it working. Do I have to paste doxytag file somewhere else?

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From the release notes of version 1.8.0: The tool doxytag has been declared obsolete and is removed (it wasn't working properly anyway). Same goes for the installdox script. I don't see any reference to compile script on the mentioned reference "Installation Doxygen" Where did you get the makefile etc.? –  albert Apr 4 '14 at 17:15

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