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In what better way should I write this code to give exactly what I want. I want to iterate through the values in an SQLite (WebSQL) table and append it to a HTML5 datalist using jQuery, so that the datalist is dynamically populated by these values.

This is the code using jQuery

function showRecords() 
        tx.executeSql(selectParentIntoControl, [], function(tx, result)
            dataset = result.rows;
            for(var i = 0; i < dataset.length; i++)
               $('#parent').append("<option value='" + dataset[i] + "'>");

This is the select statement variable

var selectParentIntoControl = "SELECT parent from itemtable";

The HTML page:

<tr><td><label for = "type">the item is located in (i.e. its parent is):</label></td>
                <td><input class = "TypeList" list = "parent" name = "parent" placeholder = "Select Parent"/></td></tr>
                <datalist id = "parent">
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