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I have server. He return json in next format:

    "count": 6, 
    "next": null, 
    "previous": null, 
    "results": [
            "id": 2, 
            "court": "http://reg-corruption.herokuapp.com/api/court/2/", 
            "result": "result2", 
            "date_meeting": "2014-03-12T17:50:30Z"
            "id": 3, 
            "court": "http://reg-corruption.herokuapp.com/api/court/2/", 
            "result": "result22", 
            "date_meeting": "2014-03-13T17:50:46Z"
        },   ] }

I want to write client. In client I can copy models.py, but how I can use it to send request to server. Main problem: I have file models.py and it is work with sqlite database. Can I use this file to connect to REST server? And can I load links to foreign key automatically? Or what I mast to read or use?

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I really don't think you need either the models.py or DB to connect to the server. Once you have the REST API url, required headers and authentication details, you can just write a client in any language you are comfortable in and connect to the server.

I will put few examples:

From you tags I understand you are using DRF for the server. You can check http://www.django-rest-framework.org/api-guide/testing/ also, for inbuilt testing REST client library in DRF.

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