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I know there is a static 'class' field on PHP 5.5, but I have to stick to PHP 5.4. Is it possible to get the fully qualified class name from a variable? Example:

namespace My\Awesome\Namespace

class Foo {


And somewhere else in the code...

public function bar() {
   $var = new \My\Awesome\Namespace\Foo();

   // maybe there's something like this??
   $fullClassName = get_qualified_classname($var);

   // outputs 'My\Awesome\Namespace\Foo'
   echo $fullClassName 


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php.net/manual/de/function.get-class.php#107964 So apparently get_class() does provide the namespace as well. Did you try that? –  arkascha Apr 3 at 10:57

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You should be using get_class

If you are using namespaces this function will return the name of the class including the namespace, so watch out if your code does any checks for this.

namespace Shop; 

class Foo 
  public function __construct() 
     echo "Foo"; 

//Different file 


$test = new Shop\Foo(); 
echo get_class($test);//returns Shop\Foo 

This is a direct copy paste example from here

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