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i am using php id3 tag editor , my question is that can i remove only specific word from all tags. there is a word in each tag of the mp3 file like a song have tags following:

title= example
artist= example


so can i remove Music.Com from a specific .mp 3 file. please help me to get out of this. i want to remove only specific word not whole tag.

i also used getid3 function but there also i am not able to remove the tag

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I can't tell you a php solution.

The most easy solution is the windows id3 tagger Mp3tag.

First, load your song(s) which you want to modify.
You will find a Tag to Tag converter (ALT-5).

Then you choose the id3 tag to change. In your case the field
with the format string


and in a further step the field
with the format string


This will replace the part '' of the content in your TITLE (and then ARTIST) id3 tag with nothing.

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thanks but, i need a solution in php................ thankyou very much for helping me – Parm Dhillon Apr 8 '14 at 14:58

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