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PHP code:

$number_server = 10;
exec("/bin/bash wrun.sh $number_server",$wuptime);

Bash script:

 for i in `seq echo $1`; do
     ssh /usr/local/bin/wrun 'uptime
     ps -elf | grep httpd | wc -l
     free -       m;mpstat'
 done &

 sleep 3
 kill -9 $pid && echo "not respond in give time"

In this I want to pass the argument $number_server to the bash script from the php file.

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Have you tried to print $1 in shell script?? –  Rahul R Dhobi Apr 3 at 11:53
Please correct your bash script based on the results you get from shellcheck.net. –  Saucier Apr 3 at 11:55

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for i in `seq $1`; do
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