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I am trying to install some apps into my android set after recovery the set and first boot.

I don't know how to judge the first boot action. are there some flag in the souce code ?

How to install the app into the /data/app/? where can i add relative install codes in the android source code ?

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If you want your applications installed on first boot after recovery, you need to have them in the userdata image.

So first thing is to prepare a userdata.img file that has the apps you want to be installed on first boot in the correspondence of /data/app/ which should be just app/ in the userdata structure, as the DATA partition is mounted on /data

So the procedure should be:

  1. restore your device to factory with recovery;
  2. enter bootloader fastboot mode;
  3. wipe your data partition;
  4. program your custom userdata.img;
  5. reboot, the device should automatically install the apks in your userdata image
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