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Right Hand Side tabs for the Provisioning Portal are not found:

Hi, I am new to iPhone and iPad development. When I log in with my Apple ID I can not find the Provisioning Portal tabs. Is the provisioning portal available only for paid users? If I am a free user, can I see the Provisioning Portal? I cannot find it, what steps do I have to take for creating Provisioning Profiles? I am trying to set up an app for push notifications.

My thinking is,

i. if Provisioning Portal is showing for only paid user?

ii. if I am a free user, how can I access the Provisioning Portal?

Please suggest your answer, thanks in advance.

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Yes it is only available to paid users – Impossible Apr 3 '14 at 12:38

You can't access provisioning portal with free apple id you need to paid ios developer account .

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You don't have access to the iOS Provisioning Portal if you're not enrolled in the Apple iOS Developer Program.

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