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I am using an AdvancedDataGrid to display hierarchical data. My data is an ArrayCollection of custom objects, which have a bunch of simple properties and one property containing a list of childelements.

I am binding this ArrayCollection as a source of HierarchicalData to the dataProvider property of the ADG.

Here is the problem:
When I select the 2nd entry in the grid, then sort by a different column and then try to select the new 2nd entry in the grid, it does not select it. In the itemClickHandler "selectedItems" is still pointing to the old 2nd entry, so does "selectedItem". The weird thing though is that clicking on any other entry in the grid works perfectly fine.

I already did some testing, removing HierarchicalData and that works like a charm. So it seems to be related to using HierarchicalData as a dataprovider.

Has anybody experienced something similar?

Thanks for any kind of input!

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