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I have a nodejs (node v0.10.26) MQTT code which publishes strings to a topic on a remote MQTT server. Now I am trying to publish a byte array and a buffer to the same topic, but I get an error The code :

var ProtoBuf = require("protobufjs");
var mqtt = require('mqtt');
var builder = ProtoBuf.loadProtoFile('event.proto'),
    as2 = builder.build('as2'),

var message = new Message({
    "message_type": "EMOTICON"
console.log("message : "+message);
var buffer_message= message.encode();
client = mqtt.createClient(1883,'hostNameOfMQTT',{ encoding: 'binary' });
client.on('connect', function() {
    console.log("Message published : "+buffer_message);

and I get this error when I execute node.exe sampleMqtt.js

C:\node>node.exe SimpleMQTT.js message : .as2.Message

C:\node\node_modules\mqtt\lib\generate.js:178 length += Buffer.byteLength(payload);

TypeError: Argument must be a string
    at Object.module.exports.publish (C:\node\node_modules\mqtt\lib\
    at Connection.eval [as publish] (eval at <anonymous> (C:\node\no
de_modules\mqtt\lib\connection.js:58:29), <anonymous>:2:26)
    at MqttClient._sendPacket (C:\node\node_modules\mqtt\lib\client.
    at MqttClient.<anonymous> (C:\node\node_modules\mqtt\lib\client.
    at MqttClient.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:117:20)
    at MqttClient._handleConnack (C:\node\node_modules\mqtt\lib\clie
    at Connection.<anonymous> (C:\node\node_modules\mqtt\lib\client.
    at Connection.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:95:17)
    at Connection._write (C:\node\node_modules\mqtt\lib\connection.j
    at doWrite (_stream_writable.js:226:10)

However When I try to publish buffer_message.tostring(), I get the object details as a string but not the actual ArrayBuffer?? client.publish('AnkitTopic',buffer_message.toString()); Output with toString() -> ByteBuffer(offser=0,markedOffSet=-1,length=2,capacity=16)

I dont want a to string, I want the actual byteBuffer to be transmitted via MQTT.

Someone, Please suggest how can I do this!! Im guessing its not too hard to get, It's possible in java, then why not in nodeJS?

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Can you try to send another kind of binary content like a file to see that it works?

Latest MQTT.js versions supports binary payloads https://github.com/adamvr/MQTT.js/issues/109

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I found the solution to this problem and hope it helps other :

We can attach a header with every payload which we send to MQ, encode it and the final payload should look something similar (this is how we convert it into byte buffer) :

    var headerLengthBuffer = new ByteBuffer();
    var headerBuffer = header.encode();
    var messageLengthBuffer = new ByteBuffer();
    var messageBuffer = event1.encode();


    //Create the payload object
    var payload = headerLengthBuffer.toBuffer() + headerBuffer.toBuffer()+ messageLengthBuffer.toBuffer() + messageBuffer.toBuffer() ;

    return payload;

The above payload created can be published easily and is accepted by MQ as well.

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