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i have a basic drilldown bar chart. i need to make a link with drilldown bar. i am trying with following way,

series: [{
        name: 'Things',
        colorByPoint: true,
        data: [{
            name: 'Cars',
            y: 4,
            drilldown: 'cars'
    drilldown: {
        series: [{
            id: 'cars',
            data: [
                ['Toyota',<a.href ="someurl"> 4</a>],
                ['Opel', <a.href ="someurl"> 4</a>],
                ['Volkswagen', <a.href ="someurl"> 4</a>]

i understand what i am trying to do is not correct. can anybody help regarding this? and I am using highchart in my ruby on rails application and using link_to instead of a.href method.

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IN general, points are transleted to SVG element and printed as marker, so adding href is not possible. Only what you can do is catch click event on the point and call any action.

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