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In Pimcore 2.1, the password data type does not work the same way as the password helper Pimcore_Tool_Authentication::getPasswordHash(). The helper hashes like this:

md5($USERNAME . ":pimcore:" . $PASSWORD)

but the password data type doesn't seem to be able to use the username in the salt, so I'm only able to do

md5(":pimcore:" . $PASSWORD)

which won't match. A lot of existing data is hashed with the helper function already.

I'm trying to add a custom data type, practically identical to the password data type, but prefixing with the username before hashing. I've searched and the only info I've found is this: http://www.pimcore.org/wiki/display/LABS/Custom+Datatype -- unfortunately the 'you can download this plugin' link at the bottom of the page is a 404 error. I'm new to Pimcore, so I've no idea what to put in those files.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?


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