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How can I integrate an e-commerce plugin with an existing cystom post type in Wordpress? I created a custom post type with a lot of options and taxonomies. Now i (the customer in very truth) need to be able to add these posts to a cart. Any solutions? Thank you everybody already!

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I was also in the same situation and managed to make a solution. I made it into a plugin. You can download it here http://reigelgallarde.me/product/woocommerce-woorei-shop-manager/. Just read the discription for instructions.

I would also like some feedback cause there might be some faulty functionality that I overlooked.

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Reigel, this looks awesome! We will be trying this on one of our open projects. –  RevConcept Feb 3 at 19:34
@RevConcept yes please.. I'm having difficulty of continuing it cause I have no tester other than myself :D If I get feedback, I will continue working on it.. –  Reigel Feb 4 at 1:22
we won't be developing this portion for another month or so, but my team all signed off on trying this. Thanks! –  RevConcept Feb 5 at 17:33

Looks like your best bet is this plugin right here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-type-switcher/

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