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I've installed the plugin Layerslider in WordPress and it's just not showing at all. I've deleted all other plugins, tried installing through the control panel and via FTP and nothing seems to work.

Does anyone have any ideas? Link is: http://dev.themarketcreative.com/

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Hmmm ... your javascript is loading, but I don't see any layerslider stylesheet in there. Let me check one of my domains that utilizes the layerslider and I'll get back with you. And you're sure you've put the proper shortcode in your homepage (or widget in your homepage)? –  Jason Weber Apr 3 at 13:23
Thanks for the reply. I've used the PHP code they generate and tried the shortcode route too. Thank you for your help thus far :) –  user3181828 Apr 3 at 13:26
I take that back ... I just viewed your source, and neither your stylesheets or your javascript files are loading. There are 4 external javascripts in your /layerslider/js/ folder. These should be in there. Do you see something like this in your WordPress admin? i.imgur.com/Y3agoLn.jpg –  Jason Weber Apr 3 at 13:50
There actually isn'ta /js folder in there. It's the same with a previous site I used but that one works. Maybe this is the issue? I tried re-downloading and it still doesn't have the js folder in there. –  user3181828 Apr 3 at 14:09

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i have checked you site and there is Jquery error is showing that's why slider is not working

1).ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined 2).TypeError: lsjQuery is not a function

To remove this error there is one option in layer slider "Put JS includes to body"

to select that option go Layer-slider->edit->global settings Tab call "Troubleshooting" select 'Put JS includes to body' and checked

hope this will help

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It's activated now and still now working :( –  user3181828 Apr 3 at 13:48
@user3181828 you are using javascript under<div class="home-slider"></div> and all js included after it please includes all js file in header or before home slider div and check.. –  Narendra Apr 3 at 13:59
user3181828 Now all error has been removed.. Now the problem with your images path please update is also.. –  Narendra Apr 3 at 14:18
Is the preview working properly in your Layerslider WordPress admin area? –  Jason Weber Apr 3 at 14:21
Simple shortcode like [layerslider id="1"] is all you need. It should be on your homepage or in a text widget in a widget area on your homepage. –  Jason Weber Apr 3 at 14:22

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