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There are couple of filters on the page and I would like to verify the default filter values. I'm not able to get the selectors working. Can someone help.

Here is the code snippet:

<div class="filter-widget">
<form name="" method="post" action="">
<div class="pure-g-r">
    <div class="pure-u-1-4">
    <div><label for="day" class="required">Day</label><select id="day" name="day">    <option value="all">all</option><option value="Sunday">Sunday</option><option value="Monday">Monday</option><option value="Tuesday">Tuesday</option><option value="Wednesday">Wednesday</option><option value="Thursday" selected="selected">Thursday</option><option value="Friday">Friday</option><option value="Saturday">Saturday</option></select></div>
<div class="pure-u-1-4">
    <div><label for="month" class="required">Month</label><select id="month" name="month"><option value="January">January</option><option value="February">February</option><option value="March">March</option><option value="April" selected="selected">April</option><option value="May">May</option><option value="June">June</option><option value="July">July</option><option value="August">August</option><option value="September">September</option><option value="October">October</option><option value="November">November</option><option value="December">December</option></select></div>

As you can see above, the filters default to the current day/month and I need to be able to verify those values. But the css selector used below is failing. Is it supported in Behat?

$page = $this->getSession()->getPage();
$defaultFilterDay = $page->find('css', '#day select option:selected')->getText();
$defaultFilterMonth = $page->find('css', '#month select option:selected')->getText();
$currentDay = new \DateTime('now')->format('l'); //This returns current Day
$currentMonth = new \DateTime('now')->format('F'); //This returns current Month

assertEquals(currentDay, $defaultFilterDay);
assertEquals(currentMonth, $defaultFilterMonth);
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This was pretty easy using jQuery. But I'm finding it difficult with the CSS selectors. –  vijay pujar Apr 3 '14 at 13:29

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I use the following code for getting value of selected option


e = $this->getSession ()->getPage ()->find ( 'css', "#" . $name );
if (! $elementByName) {
            throw new FailureException ( 'select with name ' . $name . ' is not found' );

else {
            $v = $elementByName->getValue ();
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Thanks for your reply, but I found the solution posted below –  vijay pujar Sep 8 '14 at 10:01
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The following selector worked for me:

$defaultFilterDay = $page->find("css", "#day option[selected='selected']")->getText();
    $defaultFilterMonth = $page->find("css", "#month option[selected='selected']")->getText();

    $currentTime = new \DateTime('now');
    $currentDay = $currentTime->format('l');
    $currentMonth = $currentTime->format('F');

    assertEquals($currentDay, $defaultFilterDay);
    assertEquals($currentMonth, $defaultFilterMonth);    
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