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I am trying to make several rectangles show up when the applet is started with a couple colors added in...I already have the beep audio file but from what i know, it will play throughout the whole program. Can someone please tell me how to make the beep sound occur only when the rectangles are clicked?

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With some questions, one doesn't know where to begin. –  Jonathan Feinberg Feb 17 '10 at 20:10

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There is some simple Audio API directly in Applet that you can use like this:

public class MyApplet extends Applet
    protected AudioClip beep;
    protected relativeBeepPath = "mybeep.wav";

    public void init()
        try {
            beep = getAudioClip( new URL( getDocumentBase(), relativeBeepPath ) );
        } catch( Exception ex ) {

    public void myRectangleWasClicked()
        if( beep != null )
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