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I'm being hit with the issue that spock doesn't allow Mocks to be created outside of the specification - How to create Spock mocks outside of a specification class?

This seems to be still outstanding so am asking is that giving that i've got a complex and nested DI graph what is the most efficient way to 'inject' a mock representation deep in the graph?

Ideally, I have one bean definition set for normal deployment and another when running unit tests and it is this definition set being the applicable Mocks


public class MyBeansForDeployment {

   public MyInterface myBean() {
       return new MyConcreateImplmentation();



public class MyBeansForUnitTests {

   public MyInterface myBean() {
       return new MyMockImplementation();

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You could try to implement a BeanPostProcessor that will replace the beans that you want with test doubles, such as shown below:

public class TestDoubleInjector implements BeanPostProcessor {

private static Map<String, Object[]> testDoubleBeanReplacements = new HashMap<>();

public void replaceBeanWithTestDouble(String beanName, Object testDouble, Class testDoubleType) {
    testDoubleBeanReplacements.put(beanName, new Object[]{testDouble, testDoubleType});

public Object postProcessAfterInitialization(Object bean, String beanName) throws BeansException {
    if (testDoubleBeanReplacements.containsKey(beanName)) {
        return testDoubleBeanReplacements.get(beanName)[TEST_DOUBLE_OBJ];

    return bean;

In your test, setup your mocks like shown below before initializing the application context. Make sure to include the TestDoubleInjector as a bean in your test context.

TestDoubleInjector testDoubleInjector = new TestDoubleInjector()
testDoubleInjector.replaceBeanWithTestDouble('beanToReplace', mock(MyBean.class), MyBean.class)
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