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As a C++ programmer, I'm used to being able to see return values in the debugger. But when I was working in C# (before VS 2013), I wasn't able to. As a result I have a pretty casual attitude about the whole thing: sometimes they're there, sometimes they're not. They are actually supposed to be there in VS 2013, and I think I remember seeing them, but it's not really a big deal.

But now I am writing a simple demo showing this feature and (Murphy being in full effect) can't make it happen in any of the C# code I happen to have kicking around. I've even copied the source code from the MSDN page about the feature, built a console app and run it, without seeing these values in the Autos window. (And no, I don't always just stop right there, I've tried stopping sooner and stepping over.) As you can see in the screenshot, $ReturnValue in the Immediate Window doesn't work either.

Clearly this feature works for some people and some projects. So, what controls it? What do I need to do to make it happen?

Visual Studio debugging

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I don't have VS 2013 installed currently to test this, but this blog post and UserVoice imply that it will only work if you target the 4.5.**1** CLR. Would be worth a try if your project isn't targeted to this version. –  floele Apr 3 at 15:50
That got me excited but I am sorry to report that changing the target framework didn't help. –  Kate Gregory Apr 3 at 15:53
OK got VS 2013 installed now. Overdue anyway. It seems like this feature only works if you explicitly step into (F11) Method1() or Method2() from Main(). If you only place a BP inside these methods (doesn't matter where), the feature does not seem to kick in. Could be intentional (maybe for performance reasons), but almost seems like a bug to me. –  floele Apr 3 at 17:10
Still no luck. So you have a reproducible works and doesn't work flow? I have only doesn't work at the moment. –  Kate Gregory Apr 3 at 17:14
Actually I just noticed it's more specific. What doesn't work (for me anyway) is: Jumping from one BP to another using F5. What works is: Actually stepping over the lines using F10 where the demo says "1. Step over the following line". –  floele Apr 3 at 17:17

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