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I need to present two view controllers with some conditions.

I will try to describe my problem, first this is what I want:

  1. user tap a button on view controller 1 (call it VC1)
  2. I present MPMediaPickerController (call it MPVC) so user can choose a song.
  3. if user tap cancel, I dismiss the MPVC and return to VC1
  4. if user choose a song in MPVC I want to present view controller 2 (call it VC2) under MPVC so when I dismiss MPVC the user will land in VC2 and not VC1

I can't present VC2 before MPVC is presented, or when MPVC is dismissed because than the user will see it.

I tried more sophisticated solution, like to screenshot before presenting MPVC, than show VC2 with the screenshot as background (so the user wont see it, than VC2 present MPVC.
This kind of work, but cause other issues so I prefer not to use this solution.

And I suppose there is no way to present a view controller under the currently presented view controller?
So I'm looking for some elegant way to solve this issue,

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"I can't present VC2 before MPVC is presented, or when MPVC is dismissed because than the user will see it." Not necessarily. You can push VC2 without animating the transition. –  marcio Apr 3 at 15:21
@marcio if I present VC2 without animation before I present MPVC, than it will be shown until MPVC will finish its animation. I dont want to present the MPVC without animation... –  Eyal Apr 3 at 15:23
I do stuff like this with a container view controller. The container has a UINavigationController in which VC1 and VC2 and pushed into. The modal is displayed in the container. That way the user can't see any animations, but the app functions the same. –  JeffCompton Apr 3 at 15:24
@JeffCompton you mean that VC2 and MPVC will be pushed (without animation) to a nav controller ? but than after the user finished with MPVC how can I return to VC2? pop? thats not the transition style I want –  Eyal Apr 3 at 15:27
@Eyal I assumed you were presenting MPVC as a modal. If that was the case, VC1 and VC2 are pushed to the UINavigationController (with or without animation). MPVC is presented as a modal on your container view controller. If you didn't want to present MPVC as a modal, you can swap out VC1 and VC2 by manipulating the UINavigationController's navigation stack. The method setViewControllers on UINavigationController should help you accomplish that. –  JeffCompton Apr 3 at 15:35

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