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I am using following code to call a web service in update UI using Task

//------- REFRESH BOOK LIST ------
    public Task<string> GetBookList()
        return Task.Factory.StartNew(() => {

            // GET BOOK LIST
            WebServiceController webServices = new WebServiceController ();
            string bookList = webServices.GetBookList ();

            if (bookList.Contains("BooksList")) {

                // PARSE
                ParseListData parseData = new ParseListData ();
                parseData.ParseList (bookList);

                            return bookList;



I call this code using

GetBookList ().ContinueWith (task => {

    if (task.IsFaulted) {
        RemoveActivityIndicator (true);

        throw new AggregateException (task.Exception.InnerException.Message);

    InvokeOnMainThread (() => {
            RemoveActivityIndicator (true);
            string bookList = task.Result;
            if (bookList.Contains("Error:") || !bookList.Contains("BooksList"))
                     // SHOW ERROR MESSAGE



If there is an error in the return string (bookList) then i want to check for bookList.Contains("Error:") as above and show error message. The problem in that is bookList string is assigned in the Task GetBookList() function. How do i get that value in GetBookList ().ContinueWith to show error.

How to write a Task in above situation to return a string.

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Use Task<string>, then the Task's Result property can be used to store your String value.

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I got what you are saying but how to apple it in above context. Can you specify where exactly i need to change that. –  mobiletest Apr 3 at 17:50
Change public Task GetBookList() to public Task<string> GetBookList(). Then in the method, actually return the string: return someString;. –  valdetero Apr 3 at 18:09
I have modified the code as mentioned above but it is throwing error saying "Cann't implicitly convert type System.Threading.Tasks.Task to System.Threading.Tasks.Task<string> " at GetBookList ().ContinueWith (task => {. See my code above –  mobiletest Apr 3 at 18:30
try ContinueWith<string> –  Jason Apr 3 at 19:58

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