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i have two sheets raw Data and Summary. i need help in editing below formula which i am using in my VBA code. i am looking for sum of one particular id for multiple conditions. in summary unique ids and i already have this formula which is working fine

=SUMPRODUCT(('Raw Data'!$A$2:$A$3457=A2)*('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457={"HAUD","AANZ","CSHK","HCNY","CHN1,CHN2","IN1","DBIN","CSJL","CTOK","BTK","K01","MYFM","MYPB","HNZD","BNZD","PKDB","HSBP","SCS","SCTW","SCT","SCT"})*('Raw Data'!$F$2:$F$3457="BLF")*('Raw Data'!$G$2:$G$3457))

sum in "G" column sholud also include cells in D column which begins with "TW" or "K"

i tried this but its not working =SUMPRODUCT(('Raw Data'!$A$2:$A$3457=A2)*(LEFT('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,2)="TW"))*(LEFT('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,2)="K"))*('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457={"HAUD","AANZ","CSHK","HCNY","CHN1, CHN2","IN1","DBIN","CSJL","CTOK","BTK","K01","MYFM","MYPB","HNZD","BNZD","PKDB","HSBP","SCS","SCTW","SCT","SCT"})*('Raw Data'!$F$2:$F$3457="BLF")*('Raw Data'!$G$2:$G$3457)

your assistance highly appreciated

below one is also tried it shows blank all "," are replaced with * still shows Blank

=SUMPRODUCT('Raw Data'!$G$2:$G$3457,--('Raw Data'!$A$2:$A$3457=A2),(LEFT('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,2)="TW")+(LEFT('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,1)="K"),--ISNUMBER(MATCH('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,{"HAUD","AANZ","CSHK","HCNY","CHN1","CHN2","IN1","DBIN","CSJL","CTOK","BTK","K01","MYFM","MYPB","HNZD","BNZD","PKDB","HSBP","SCS","SCTW","SCT","SCT"},0)),--('Raw Data'!$F$2:$F$3457="BLF"))

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I believe that the first formula should be more like:

=SUMPRODUCT(('Raw Data'!$A$2:$A$3457=A2)*('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457={"HAUD","AANZ","CSHK","HCNY","CHN1","CHN2","IN1","DBIN","CSJL","CTOK","BTK","K01","MYFM","MYPB","HNZD","BNZD","PKDB","HSBP","SCS","SCTW","SCT","SCT"})*('Raw Data'!$F$2:$F$3457="BLF")*('Raw Data'!$G$2:$G$3457)*((LEFT('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,2)="TW")+(LEFT('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,1)="K")))

There was no quotes in "CHN1,CHN2" in both the first and the working formula that I added. I also changed

(LEFT('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,2)="TW"))*(LEFT('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,2)="K"))


((LEFT('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,2)="TW")+(LEFT('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,1)="K"))

The last one should work if you change the , in the array to ; (to mean a vertical array):

=SUMPRODUCT('Raw Data'!$G$2:$G$3457,--('Raw Data'!$A$2:$A$3457=A2),(LEFT('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,2)="TW")+(LEFT('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,1)="K"),--ISNUMBER(MATCH('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,{"HAUD";"AANZ";"CSHK";"HCNY";"CHN1";"CHN2";"IN1";"DBIN";"CSJL";"CTOK";"BTK";"K01";"MYFM";"MYPB";"HNZD";"BNZD";"PKDB";"HSBP";"SCS";"SCTW";"SCT";"SCT"},0)),--('Raw Data'!$F$2:$F$3457="BLF"))
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no.. it still shows blank i would like to clarify that i have multiple conditions in D and F column under same id in A column –  user3494415 Apr 4 '14 at 7:21
no.. it still shows blank i would like to clarify that i have multiple conditions in D and F column under same id in A column like this cell A2,A3,A4,A5,A6,A7 =A100; D2,D3 = K11; D4,D5=HAUD; D6,D7 = TW; cells F2,F3,F4=BLF; F6,F7=MRG –  user3494415 Apr 4 '14 at 7:30
@user3494415 It's hard to understand your problem exactly. Is it possible for you to put a sample workbook on ge.tt and link me to it? –  Jerry Apr 4 '14 at 14:51
thnx Jerry i found the answer with sum research =SUMPRODUCT('Raw Data'!$G$2:$G$3457,--('Raw Data'!$A$2:$A$3457=A2),(LEFT('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,2)="TW")+(LEFT('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,1)="K")+(--ISNUMBER(MATCH('Raw Data'!$D$2:$D$3457,{"HAUD","AANZ","CSHK","HCNY","CHN1","CHN2","IN1","DBIN","CSJL‌​","CTOK","BTK","K01","MYFM","MYPB","HNZD","BNZD","PKDB","HSBP","SCS","SCTW","SCT"‌​,"SCT"},0))),--('Raw Data'!$F$2:$F$3457="BLF")) –  user3494415 Apr 4 '14 at 16:23

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