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I am currently using Neo4J embedded in a Web application. All necessary JARs are in WEB-INF/lib.

All seems to be well when I start up Neo4j, and I register the shutdown hook as instructed.

Unfortunately, when I do a proper shutdown of my Tomcat server, I get the following exception when Neo4J attempts to shut down:

Exception in thread "Thread-5" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/neo4j/kernel/AvailabilityGuard$3
at org.neo4j.kernel.AvailabilityGuard.shutdown(AvailabilityGuard.java:136)
at org.neo4j.kernel.InternalAbstractGraphDatabase.shutdown(InternalAbstractGraphDatabase.java:774)
at net.factor3.mecha.neodb.DBaseComm$1.run(DBaseComm.java:93)
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.neo4j.kernel.AvailabilityGuard$3
at org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoader.loadClass(WebappClassLoader.java:1718)
at org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoader.loadClass(WebappClassLoader.java:1569)
... 3 more

I have the AvailabilityGuard class in my neo4j kernel library, but why is this looking for an AvailabilityGuard$3 class? I got all the JAR files needed, but apparently something seems to be missing from one or more of them.

Someone please advise. How do I eliminate this exception which is preventing my neo4j database from shutting down cleanly???

As requested: a listing of neo4J jars in WEB-INF\lib:

(other non Neo4J libs)
04/03/2014  09:37 AM    <DIR>          .
04/03/2014  09:37 AM    <DIR>          ..
04/03/2014  09:37 AM           125,900 neo4j-cypher-2.0.1.jar
04/03/2014  09:37 AM           174,092 neo4j-cypher-commons-2.0.1.jar
04/03/2014  09:37 AM         3,038,243 neo4j-cypher-compiler-1.9-2.0.1.jar
04/03/2014  09:37 AM         5,059,976 neo4j-cypher-compiler-2.0-2.0.1.jar
04/03/2014  09:37 AM           161,408 neo4j-graph-algo-2.0.1.jar
04/03/2014  09:37 AM            57,074 neo4j-graph-matching-2.0.1.jar
04/03/2014  09:37 AM            48,878 neo4j-jmx-2.0.1.jar
04/03/2014  09:37 AM         2,124,166 neo4j-kernel-2.0.1.jar
04/03/2014  09:37 AM           250,392 neo4j-lucene-index-2.0.1.jar
04/03/2014  09:37 AM           266,766 neo4j-shell-2.0.1.jar
04/03/2014  09:37 AM            38,589 neo4j-udc-2.0.1.jar
04/03/2014  09:37 AM           187,091 parboiled-core-1.1.6.jar
04/03/2014  09:37 AM           237,780 parboiled-scala_2.10-1.1.6.jar
04/03/2014  09:37 AM           118,846 server-api-2.0.1.jar
03/27/2014  06:43 PM           529,876 vpp-2.2.1.jar
          26 File(s)     18,841,508 bytes
           2 Dir(s)  800,403,398,656 bytes free
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this looks like you have either multiple or different version of some neo4j jars on your classpath. Send output of ls -l WEB-INF/lib –  Stefan Armbruster Apr 3 at 16:47

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