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I want to convert a blck and white tiff image to bmp, i'm using ImageMagick via cmd

When i try to convert it. it generates the bmp image, but it's too big, and i want to reduce to bit depth to 1 so the image will a little lighter, actually the generated image has 7mb

I have tried all the parameters but i cant find out the solution.

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Does your "black and white" tiff already have a bit depth of 1, or does it contain gray scales too? –  Mark Ransom Apr 3 at 16:29
@MarkRansom it has a bit depth of 1. –  Diego R. Alcantara Apr 3 at 16:30
See the comments regarding BMP2 and BMP3 at imagemagick.org/Usage/formats/#bmp –  Mark Ransom Apr 3 at 16:34

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