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I want to remove last three characters from a string if it contains specific keywords. It is working for me but when I have other language than English like Russian or Spanish then my query is not working. Here is my query:

SELECT case when 'Época Cosméticos_T2' like '%\_T_' 
then  substring(trim('Época Cosméticos_T2'),1,length(trim('Época Cosméticos_T2'))-3)
else 'Época Cosméticos_T2' end test


Época Cosméticos_T

If I remove characters É and é then query will work. How can I make my query work with these characters as well.

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Hint: language doesn't matter—encoding (which you only mention in question tags) does. –  Álvaro G. Vicario Apr 3 at 16:37

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Use the CHAR_LENGTH() function in place of LENGTH() function.

The LENGTH() function reports length in bytes rather than characters.

The CHAR_LENGTH() reports length in characters; the SUBSTRING() function also operates on characters.

If all of the characters in a string are a single byte, then LENGTH() and CHAR_LENGTH() return the same value. The differences become apparent with multibyte characters:

SELECT CHAR_LENGTH('Época Cosméticos_T2') AS _char_length
     , LENGTH('Época Cosméticos_T2') AS _length

_char_length  _length  
------------  -------
          19       21
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