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How can I access an own library function (created in the following module) in a cookbook's attribute file?

module Gerrit
  module Helpers
    def gerrit_above?(version)
      require 'chef/version_constraint'
      Chef::VersionConstraint.new(">= #{version}").include?(node['gerrit']['version'])

Chef::Recipe.send(:include, ::Gerrit::Helpers)
Chef::Resource.send(:include, ::Gerrit::Helpers)
Chef::Provider.send(:include, ::Gerrit::Helpers)

I can access it in recipes through gerrit_above?, but didn't find a way to make it at the same time usable in an attributes file. I tried the following line

Chef::Node::Attribute.send(:include, ::Gerrit::Helpers)

But then it fails while accessing node with:

Undefined method or attribute `node' on `node'

Has anyone a clean solution?

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Attributes are loaded before libraries, so you really can't. What are you trying to accomplish? If you need a library to compute an attribute, that attribute it too complex imo –  sethvargo Apr 3 at 17:23
I want to set node attributes based on the version of the deployed application (gerrit). Would only be cosmetics, it's okay for me to also do this in the recipe. Thx –  StephenKing Apr 4 at 5:39
I'm generally -1 on any type of computational or compiled attributes. They will cause you problems. Also, ask yourself - is this something that really should be tunable, or am I just using attributes as a global variable? –  sethvargo Apr 4 at 15:28

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