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Edit: wow I forgot the lm when setting up selected.model, I'm an idiot.

I have set up the model:


I want to predict ES given the data points:

Area=0.02, Anear=58.27, Dist=27.1, DistSC=65, Elevation=60

Anear and Dist are not required.

However I get an error when I try use predict, can anyone help?

predict(selected.model, newdata=data.frame(Area=0.02, Elevation=60, DistSC=65))
Error in UseMethod("predict") : 
  no applicable method for 'predict' applied to an object of class "formula"
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You didn't actually fit the model.



simply creates a formula object. Linear models are created in R using the lm command. Which you can read about by typing ?lm.

You probably meant to do something like:

myModel <- lm(selected.model,data = myDataFrame)

where myDataFrame is whatever you've called your source data frame. Then you would call predict on myModel.

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Yeah I just noticed, all I needed was lm after the <-, I've done that for loads of other linear models earlier in my work I am just an idiot and forgot it here. Thanks so much! –  JRSR Apr 3 at 17:06
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