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I have two div segments.

One consists of a graphic panel that has what could be termed as a viewport. The other is a set of images that I want to make clickable through to demonstration sites.

The second div (with the images in) has a lower z-index than the other and I understand that if things overlap then the lower z-index with the a href tag does not work.

I want the z-index to stay the same as I am using the panel to hide the images that when arrows are pressed on the panel the various images behind slide into view. I have tried setting up a style for the anchor that has a higher z-index but this does not work.

Any help much appreciated. Cheers!

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We can't read minds, can you post some code please? –  imulsion Apr 3 at 17:10
Use javascript to simulate the click when you press the element with the higher z-index value, else you must change the z-index and move on top to be accesible. Paste some code here to see what you have. –  Smartik Apr 3 at 17:12

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