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Error :

   jruby-1.7.10 :001 > load 'dbscan.rb'
   LoadError: no such file to load -- tree
    from org/jruby/RubyKernel.java:1083:in `require'
    from /home/kapil/.rvm/rubies/jruby-1.7.10/lib/ruby/shared/rubygems/core_ext/kernel_require.rb:55:in `require'
    from /home/kapil/server-repo/geo-clustering/dbscan.rb:3:in `(root)'
    from org/jruby/RubyKernel.java:1099:in `load'
    from (irb):1:in `(root)'
    from org/jruby/RubyKernel.java:1119:in `eval'
    from (irb):1:in `evaluate'
    from org/jruby/RubyKernel.java:1519:in `loop'
    from org/jruby/RubyKernel.java:1282:in `catch'
    from org/jruby/RubyKernel.java:1282:in `catch'
    from /home/kapil/.rvm/rubies/jruby-1.7.10/bin/jirb:13:in `(root)'

Some configuration of my system -

Path :

    kapil@hp-pc:~$ echo $PATH

Jruby Version :

kapil@hp-pc:~$ jruby -v
jruby 1.7.11 (1.9.3p392) 2014-02-24 86339bb on Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 1.7.0_51-b13 [linux-amd64]

Java Version :

kapil@hp-pc:~$ java -version
java version "1.7.0_51"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_51-b13)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.51-b03, mixed mode)

~/.bashrc- appended script

PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.rvm/bin # Add RVM to PATH for scripting
[[ -s "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm" ]] && . "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm"
export PATH=~/.rvm/bin:$PATH

~/.profile- appended script

PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.rvm/bin # Add RVM to PATH for scripting




[[ -s "$HOME/.profile" ]] && source "$HOME/.profile" # Load the default .profile

[[ -s "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm" ]] && source "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm" # Load RVM into a shell session *as a function*
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It looks like dbscan.rb tries to load or require tree on line 3. Is dbscan.rb part of a gem? Or something you've written? –  echristopherson Apr 3 at 21:50

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