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I am implementing Spring Security in my project referring from

In class

The boolean variable "enabled", "accountNonExpired", "credentialsNonExpired" are explicitly set to true and returned with the User object.

        boolean enabled = true;  
        boolean accountNonExpired = true;  
        boolean credentialsNonExpired = true;  
        boolean accountNonLocked = true;  

        return new User(  

For a user account these variable will always be true in this way. Suppose the admin wants to disable the user account how will he set boolean enabled to false. I don't understand this functionality. Can anyone help?

Do I have to add these fields in User class and create db fields too for these?

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You are correct, you'd have to add those fields to your User class and store them in the database. You could then use accountNonLocked to lock users out who exceeded unsuccessful login attempt count.

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