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I am trying to implement a function to generate java hashCode equivalent in node.js and python to implement redis sharding. I am following the really good blog @below mentioned link to achieve this http://mechanics.flite.com/blog/2013/06/27/sharding-redis/

But i am stuck at the difference in hashCode if string contains some characters which are not ascii as in below example. for regular strings i could get both node.js and python give me same hash code.

here is the code i am using to generate this:


def _java_hashcode(s):
    hash_code = 0
    for char in s:
        hash_code = 31*h + ord(char)

    return ctypes.c_int32(h).value   

--Node as per above blog

String.prototype.hashCode = function() {
  for(var ret = 0, i = 0, len = this.length; i < len; i++) {
    ret = (31 * ret + this.charCodeAt(i)) << 0;
  return ret;

--Python output

For string '者:s��2�*�=x�' hash is = 2014651066
For string '359196048149234' hash is = 1145341990

--Node output

For string '者:s��2�*�=x�' hash is = 150370768
For string '359196048149234' hash is = 1145341990

Please guide me, where am i mistaking.. do i need to set some type of encoding in python and node program, i tried a few but my program breaks in python.

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Python 2 will assume ASCII encoding unless told otherwise. Since PEP 0263, you can specify utf-8 encoded strings with the following at the top of the file.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
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thanks a lot Adam, please see my update below –  balyanrobin Apr 4 '14 at 4:33
How can I force python 2.7 to load the utf-8 forcefully. Above it not working for me. –  balyanrobin Apr 6 '14 at 5:08

Thanks a lot for response Adam..

I tried setting up different encodings and it didn't help. then i suspected if it is taking effect or not. Actually it is not. I am using 2.7 and even after setting it up as you suggested when i print encoding in my code, it prints ascii still. for files 2.7 use utf-8, i guess that is the reason it can read the text which is in file.

But the same i tried with 3.3 and as default encoding is utf-8, i get desired results.

Is there any way i can force it on 2.7. I am trying all this on OSx Mavericks, can this be an issue? should i try on some other machine.

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