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I have a directed graph and want to iterate over all the nodes in the graph.

So what is the way in which I can iterate over all the graphs?

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Describe your data structure in more detail. –  Marco13 Apr 3 at 19:18
algs4.cs.princeton.edu/42directed/Digraph.java.html the data structure i am using –  user3154554 Apr 3 at 19:21
What do you mean by "maintains all the edges in form of a boolean"? –  azurefrog Apr 3 at 19:21
Where do you store the different nodes (or the information that is assosciated with them?) –  joz Apr 3 at 19:26
it can be done with a simple symbol table, which I will implement as I need the abstraction. As of now they are just the nodes and edges –  user3154554 Apr 3 at 19:27

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In the toString() method, there is an example of iterating over all the nodes:

for (int v = 0; v < V; v++) {
    s.append(String.format("%d: ", v));
    for (int w : adj[v]) {
        s.append(String.format("%d ", w));

Notice that nodes are simple ints; there are graph.V() nodes, and they are numbered 0 to graph.V() - 1. That means you can iterate through them with a simple for loop, as above.

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The data structure you are using stores the graph as an adjacency list in the memory. So just take a single node as source/start node and run any standard graph traversal algorithm (e.g. BFS or DFS) from there to iterate over all the nodes.

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If you only want to iterate over all nodes, this is not needed (also isolated nodes would not be iterated over then) –  joz Apr 3 at 19:33
This assumes that the graph is strongly connected or that OP only cares about nodes in a tree rooted at the start node. The example graph in the linked file is not connected, so I assume that's not guaranteed. –  dorr Apr 3 at 19:33
Yes traversal algorithm is not needed just to iterate over the graph but a DFS will sure traverse every node whether its connected or not. You just have to run it from every node. Like first check whether a node is already visited or not. If not visited run a DFS from there. –  r.mushfek Apr 3 at 19:37

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