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I am using the Sharefile REST API for a project and have run into an issue. Their documentation is lacking and so far my 5 emails to the api@ address have gone unanswered. Figured I would crowdsource this one...

What I need to do is search for a file by its name and it also has to have a specific parentID. I am following their documentation as best I can, but I still get a 500 error on the response.

According to their API documentation I have to post to: https://account.sf-api.com/sf/v3/Items/AdvancedSimpleSearch with the following post:


The JSON post I am sending looks like this:

    "Query": {
        "AuthID": "",
        "ItemType": "",
        "ParentID": "xxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "CreatorID": "",
        "LuceneQuery": "",
        "SearchQuery": "filename ='foo.png'",
        "CreateStartDate": "4/2/2014",
        "CreateEndDate": "4/4/2014",
        "ItemNameOnly": ""
    "Paging": {
        "Key": "",
        "PageNumber": 1,
        "PageSize": 10
    "Sort": {
        "SortBy": "",
            "Ascending": false
    "TimeoutInSeconds": 10

They prefilled some properties in their example post so I replicated. I did also try sending only what I needed too (instead of the blank properties) but still get a 500.

I can upload files, delete, modify, etc all fine with no issues so I am certain it is something in this JSON structure. I think it comes down to the "SearchQuery" property. There is zero examples on their documentation site, and any libraries that were made 3rd party only show a "query" parameter being passed in with no example of what that looks like...

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I've been trying to wrestle with this too. I am using the HTTPS API and not the REST API, but maybe the same argument will work? My client has specified PHP so looking at Sharefile's PHP sample code sharefile.php - you will see a search function with a "$query" parameter. After a few attempts I tried supplying this argument: '{Name="Agreements"}'. I think you might be able to generalize to more complicated searches. The PHP sample code does a http_build_query to convert the above to the usual HTML parameter string.

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Tried a few more things and instead of an "=" in the middle of the argument a space works, a colon works. It looks like the text match is of the sort as in MySQL LIKE %Agreements% - it just looks for the occurrence of the supplied text as a substring of the field. –  Richard May 19 '14 at 22:24

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