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I have a contact card div that shows all the contact information for a user. When someone clicks on the contact card it should open the contacts profile. However one of the fields on the contact card is the email address. When the user clicks the email address a mailto link should trigger an email to open. However what currently happens is both the contact profile is opened and the href mailto link is triggered. I really don't want to have to embed the mailto link into a function for a stop propogation so is there any other way to solve this?

> <script>
>     scope.userAppSearch = function(userID) {
>        $location.path('/search/' + userID);
>     }; </script>

<div ng-click="userAppSearch(contact.Id)">
   <a ng-href="mailto:contact.email">{{contact.email}}</a>
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As an fyi I have tried the solution found here: stackoverflow.com/questions/14544741/… but that stop propogation only appears to work with ng-click and not ng-href –  JSilva Apr 3 at 20:52

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