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I want to change the word "member" in Special:Categories to "articles" but I can't seem to find which file I have to modify. If someone could direct me to the file (and the line if possible) it would be great! Thanks!

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Edit MediaWiki:Nmembers to change this message for the default language of your wiki.
Edit MediaWiki:Nmembers/ar (default “عضو واحد”), MediaWiki:Nmembers/fr (default “$1 membres”), MediaWiki:Nmembers/en(default “$1 members”), etc, to set it for other languages that your users might be using.

To see what message corresponds to a certain text in your wiki's interface, add uselang=qqx to the url, e.g. //mywiki.com/wiki/Special:Categories?uselang=qqx (or //mywiki.com/w/index.php?title=Special:Categories&uselang=qqx, or whatever url structure you have).

All messages will be replaced with their names in paranthesis, eg (categories). This tells you that you can change the text that occurs in that position by editing MediaWiki:Categories, MediaWiki:Categories/en, MediaWiki:Categories/hi, etc.

qqx is a special language code for this purpose. You can use the same function to preview your wiki in any supported language, by adding uselang=sv, uselang=ja, etc, to any page url.

On Special:AllMessages, you can see all system messages, and also keep track of those modified on your wiki.

Editing the source files, as suggested in the question, is a bad idea for many reasons. Most importantly, the changes will be overwritten on the next upgrade.

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Thanks alot! I solved my problem and learned something new! Thumps up! –  Mike Apr 4 '14 at 15:54

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