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i know there are lot of questions and answers on font size topic but none of them helps. I have design of my app in photoshop, designed as it should be on mdpi, and i can scale all resources and images just fine for all resolution. What i have problem with is font size and different resolutions.

In photoshop I have font desingned to be 15px on mdpi, how do i calculate it to look the same on all displays. I know i have to specify font size for every pixel density or something but how to get correct value if i have base one 15px on mdpi?

Do i use ratio 1,5x 2x 3x and just multiply base size or there is different way?

Thank you for any help

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Okay its the very first answer to this question, download the PDf mentioned, the dimens files and screen/res folders solution

read first answer

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