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I've got a small problem with parsing XML. I cannot get the name of a child node.

Here's my XML code:

<?xml version="1.1" encoding='UTF-8'?>

Here's how I parse the XML file:

SceneObject::SceneObject(const char *_loadFromXMLFile, const char *_childType)
 xmlNodePtr cur;

 pXMLDocument = xmlParseFile( getPathForResource(_loadFromXMLFile, "xml") );

 if (pXMLDocument == NULL)
  fprintf(stderr, "Document not parsed successfully. \n");

 cur = xmlDocGetRootElement(pXMLDocument);

 if (cur == NULL) {
  fprintf(stderr, "Empty document\n");

 if (!xmlStrEqual(cur->name, (const xmlChar *) "SceneObject"))
  fprintf(stderr, "Document of the wrong type; root node == %s\n", cur->name);

 SimpleLog("cur->name: %s", (const char*)cur->name);
 cur = cur->children;
 SimpleLog("cur->children->name: %s", (const char*)cur->name);

What I get in the console is:

cur->name: SceneObject
cur->children->name: text

Why "cur->children->name" is "text" and is not "ParticleSystem"?

What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this?


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The "text" node is the whitespace (newline character) between <SceneObject> and <ParticleSystem> in your document. cur->children->next is the <ParticleSystem> node you want in this case.

In general you can consult the type member of a node to determine whether it is an element, text, cdata, etc.

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