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I am trying to create a Greasemonkey script to show text that is in the html, but has the style set to "display:none;". The span has a specific name and can occur any number of times throughout the page.

<p><span id="hidden" style="display:none;">Hidden Text</span></p>

Any suggestions on how to do this (ideally just removing the "display:none;")

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I don't think the hidden element you mentioned "can occur any number of times throughout the page" because id should be unique within a page. So I presume what you really meant was class='hidden'. Anyway, if the page you are working with is (erroneously) written that way, just replace 'span.hidden' with '#hidden' in the code snippet below.

var hiddenElements = document.querySelectorAll('span.hidden');
var i = hiddenElements.length;
while(i--) {
    hiddenElements[i].style.display = '';
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