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When a user goes to a page while not logged in, they get redirected back to my login page.

def authenticate_user!
  redirect_to new_user_path unless current_user

Then in my Users Controller

class UsersController < ApplicationController
  skip_before_filter :authenticate_user!, only: [:new, :create]

  def new
    puts request.referer          #=> nil
    puts request.referrer         #=> nil
    puts request["HTTP_REFERER"]  #=> nil
    puts request["HTTP_REFERRER"] #=> nil

I don't get anything from the referrer variables when going to another page (but it redirects to /users/new correctly). Even when directly navigating to the /users/new page I get nothing for any of those variables. How do I get the path they came from? I've seen examples using the below code, but referrer should not be nil

previous = Rails.application.routes.recognize_path(request.referer)
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What do you mean by I don't get anything when going to another page (it redirects it correctly)? – Kirti Thorat Apr 3 '14 at 22:22
Sorry I'll update the question to be more clear, but I was referring to the before filter redirecting correctly, but not filling out the request referrer header – TMP Apr 4 '14 at 14:36

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