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I would like you help me with this issue about DNS and my ip access.

I have a problem on my website that consist on if I put the IP address on any browser I have no answer (result: ERR_UNEXPECTED).

But if instead of the ip i use the name (www.mywebsite.com) i get the right page. Obviously pinging www,mywebsite.com gets the same ip address. I have google about htacces or anything with access restricted but nothing appears to go to he error I have.

I appreciate your help.

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What web server are you using? If apache, did you setup virtual host properly? –  gerrytan Apr 3 at 22:15
web server:nginx I just have access to my cpanel website. –  user3495776 Apr 3 at 22:24
did you setup nginx virtual host properly? –  gerrytan Apr 3 at 22:27
HI! Thanks a lot for your help! I find the answer with your guide of "SETUP VIRTUAL HOST". I just added my ip pointing to the website and it works. Thans a lot! –  user3495776 Apr 3 at 22:33
Yes, that's what i did. setiing my virtual host was the solution –  user3495776 Apr 8 at 15:15

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