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I am reading about grammars, I have a question is every language generated by LL(1) grammar is regular? I know that every regular language can be generated by LL(1) grammar.

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How is your exam going? –  Robert Harvey Apr 3 at 22:38
False. (with 50% probability) –  jm666 Apr 3 at 22:47

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No. For example, take the following grammar:

E  ->  TE' | T
E' -> +TE' | -TE' | T
T  ->  FT' | F
T' -> *FT' | /FT' | F
F  ->  cte | (E)

It is the well known grammar for arithmetic expressions, written in LL(1) form. It is also a well known non-regular language, since it contains a Dick language (balanced parenthesis). This is of course not a formal proof that such language is not regular, but the proof is not very difficult, using the pumping lemma, and it should be easy to find on the web.

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