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I run under an issue with asp.net button postback inside a user control outside of updatepanel called using _doPostback function which works on second click only.

Before posting this question I tried different ways but without success, the last one is to define the dialog by using:

$('.select2-results').click(function () {
           var dlg = $('#NewUserPanel').dialog({
                modal: true,
                width: 320,
                autoOpen: true,
                minHeight: 10,
                minWidth: 10,
                buttons: {
                    ok: function () {
                open: function (type, data) { $(this).parent().appendTo($('form'));}
            return false;

I did other tests and I found the issue is with Select2 plugin formatNoMatches because I open the dialog on click of li with class name select2-results

            placeholder: "Search user",
            minimumInputLength: 2,
            maximumSelectionSize: 1,
            formatNoMatches: Not_Found
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