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I have been able to run the dart-by-example http-server Hello web server. The websocket uses port 9223 and the http server uses 8080.

After I do a build I do not find the server side code in build/bin.

What do I do next to install everything so that I could try run ws_server.dart and connect from my browser?

My Editor organization:

    fireimager_server.dart (server side websocket handling code)
    communication.dart  (common code)
    WebsocketClient.dart  (client websocket code)
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If you follow the package layout convention, you server.dart should be in $PROJECT/bin and your web stuff in $PROJECT/web.

By running pub build you should get a new directory $PROJECT/build/web. Now you can use the following server.dart code to expose this build directory :

library simple_http_server;

import 'dart:io';
import 'package:http_server/http_server.dart' show VirtualDirectory;

void main() {
  final MY_HTTP_ROOT_PATH = Platform.script.resolve('../build/web').toFilePath();
  final virDir = new VirtualDirectory(MY_HTTP_ROOT_PATH)
    ..allowDirectoryListing = true;

  HttpServer.bind(InternetAddress.LOOPBACK_IP_V4, 8080).then((server) {
    server.listen((request) {
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When I run from the editor it all works. The server opens the HTTP port and the web socket port for listening. The client connects and then sends JSON 'message' on the web socket. The server side code decodes it and sends a confirmation message back which is written on the client page. –  Nate Lockwood Apr 7 at 18:26
Where would the code example above go? –  Nate Lockwood Apr 7 at 18:35
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