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I'm getting a recurring issue with git-p4. On syncing with git-p4 clone //depot/project/main the majority of files are synced up but there are a number of exceptions for which I can find no apparent common denominators. I created a separate Perforce workspace to use with git-p4 and globally set the properties git-p4.client to this workspace and git-p4.useclientspec to true.

On the Perforce server, we version projects as follows:


Calling p4 info gives the following version information for the Perforce installation. Summary: It's old.

Server version: P4D/NTX86/2006.2/113956 (2007/01/04)

Can anyone provide leads to debugging this issue or recommend documentation as to what versions of Perforce are supported?

Appreciate the help.

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If you have a direct perforce workspace then p4 info will tell you what the version of the server is.

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Thanks! Adding this info to the question. –  Tim Clemons Feb 18 '10 at 18:07

See my commit in this GitHub repo for a fix I had to make to git-p4 to work with an old version of p4.

Unfortunately I don't remember the details of my change. At a glance it appears to only affect git-p4 submit.

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I've tried this out, but unfortunately it doesn't appear to resolve the problem. Thanks for the lead though -- if I come across a fix I'll forward a patch to you. –  Tim Clemons Feb 25 '10 at 1:11

I have a similar problem- some files being not loaded for no apparent reason- although I believe that mine is caused by a partial sync interrupted by an overriding path of files to load, then a forced sync. My problem was solved by refreshing my local repository from the ground up... it takes a large chunk of time but works fine.

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