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So I am getting this error on my localhost:3000. I am making a gif posting blog app and I am trying to add an edit function to items that appear in my _feed_item.html.erb partial. I have posted the error below and a link to some source files in a gist. I believe the routes are ok, but the "missing required keys: [:id]" piece is the one aspect I don't understand. Not sure why this doesn't work as well as my delete function does. Some of this code is based on Hartl's rails tutorial.

app/views/shared/_feed_item.html.erb where line #25 raised:

No route matches {:controller=>"microposts", :action=>"edit"} missing required keys: [:id]

Extracted source (around line #25(see the bold line below)):

</span><br />

<% if current_user?(feed_item.user) %>
    **<%= link_to "edit", edit_micropost_path %>**
    <%= link_to "delete", feed_item, method: :delete, 
                data: { confirm: "Are you sure? "}, title: feed_item.content %>
<% end %>

Link to Gist

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Use rake routes output to see the computed routes. I'm guessing your route may need to be pluralized. edit_microposts_path –  EricM Apr 4 at 13:22
edit_micropost GET /microposts/:id/edit(.:format) microposts#edit When I changed to the plural form I got a new error, undefined local variable or method `edit_microposts_path', so I don't think that is correct. –  user3174983 Apr 4 at 14:21

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Your're almost there. The error message says,

No route matches {:controller=>"microposts", :action=>"edit"} missing required keys: [:id].

The controller has to know which resource (micropost) you are trying to access. Give the id of the resource and you'll be all fine.

**<%= link_to "edit", edit_micropost_path(feed_item.id) %>**
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You need to give your edit path a parameter so it knows the id of the micropost to edit.

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