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i am using jQuery UI Sortable for reordering the rows. I have 10 (td)columns out of which i show only 6 and remaining 4 are not shown using display:none.

The issues iam facing are

1) In chrome while dragging all other rows (not the dragged one) columns shrink and then after dropping the row they get expanded to normal size. why are the rows columns getting shrink while dragging?

2) In IE8 same as above but after dropping the row they are still in the shrink mode and not expanded to normal size.

can anyone please suggest or guide me.this is very urgent. i can post the code in case needed.

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show ur code. we cannot guess whats wrong based on ur theory –  Mandeep Jain Apr 4 at 7:34
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You can write a helper function to specifically set the widths as shown here: http://www.foliotek.com/devblog/make-table-rows-sortable-using-jquery-ui-sortable/, or if your page currently controls the column widths of the table, you can specify "clone" for the helper option and choose an appendTo option that will inherit the styling of the specified selector.

The simplest option for appendTo which may work in your case is to set it to the string "parent". This will cause the dragged helper to be a sibling of the sortable item and thus inherit its styling.

If these options do not suit your need then please post some code or link to a JSFiddle.

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i found where the issue is, as i guessed , there are 4 more columns whose style was display:none and is hidden and hence while dragging the other rows cells widths are shrinking. can you please tell me how to overcome this issue ? –  user3496151 Apr 4 at 15:09
Sorry, I misread your question and thought that the dragged row was the one that was shrinking. It's hard to say what is going on without seeing all your code. Is it possible that you don't have the columns styled to a fixed size and they are shrinking because you are dragging the widest content out of them? If you could set up a small duplication at jsfiddle it would be helpful. –  mcoomey Apr 4 at 17:21
Thanks for response. please find the fiddle code here. If you loop at the other rows became small when iam dragging. The dragged one is perfect. i can email the screen shot in case if you wish to see. jsfiddle.net/srikanthsvr82/mZc7V/4 –  user3496151 Apr 4 at 17:23
Is your test case exhibiting this behavior in jsfiddle? I have tried it in Firefox, Chrome and Safari and do not see the shrinking you're talking about, although Chrome and Safari force a left-margin indent while dragging. (???) Also, your fiddle example seems to be cut from a much bigger project with a lot of superfluous code hanging around. I think if you are able to duplicate the issue in fiddle then you should pare down the code to eliminate some of that and make it easier to troubleshoot. –  mcoomey Apr 4 at 18:29
Lastly, I don't see any styling data. Does your project have some CSS defined somewhere? –  mcoomey Apr 4 at 18:39
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please find the code below.my issue is the other rows width is getting shrink and not the draggable row. i tried the link that you have provided but still the issue is not solved.

FYI - some of the columns have display:none which would hide the columns. do you think because of this the column widths are shrinking ?

            //TODO need to fix
            cursor: 'move',
            revert: 'true',
            helper: function(e, tr)
                var myHelper = [];
                myHelper.push('<table style="width: 100%">');
                return myHelper.join('');                   
            create: function (event, ui) {                  
                 $("td").each(function () {
                        $(this).css("width", $(this).width());
                if (jQuery.browser.msie && Number(jQuery.browser.version) == 8) {
                    this.$('.reportTableBody').sortable("option", "cursorAt", { top: 100 });
            stop : function(event, ui){                 
                    $(this).find('.yearSelectCell:first').html(index + 1);

                ui.item.trigger('drop', ui.item.index());                   
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