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So I've been practicing/making a quick game for the past 6 hours, then something stumped me. The game had an integer, Score, which would be added up with one every time an ammo hits an alien.

int Score;
stringstream sstr;
sstr << Score;
string str1 = sstr.str();

TTF_Font* Sans = NULL;
Sans = TTF_OpenFont("Sans.ttf", 24);
SDL_Color White = {255, 255, 255};  
SDL_Surface* surfaceMessage = NULL;
surfaceMessage = TTF_RenderText_Solid(Sans, str1.c_str(), White);
SDL_Texture* Message = NULL;
Message = SDL_CreateTextureFromSurface(renderer, surfaceMessage);

SDL_Rect Message_rect;
Message_rect.x = 0;
Message_rect.y = 0;
Message_rect.w = 100;
Message_rect.h = 100;

SDL_RenderCopy(renderer, Message, NULL, &Message_rect);

Now I've been trying different roundabouts as to how to update the texture, Message. I made a cout check to check if I did hit an alien and what my current score is, it appears perfectly fine, but the rendered texture, Message won't move from 0.

I created a texture from the surface (the message) because I mostly prefer textures and I don't have any surface since in my current knowledge, you'd at least need a filled surface where you could blitz this

And another question, I'm planning to make a dialogue heavy game, is there another way of doing the texts? I've got a strong feeling that I'm doing it wrong.

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If you're not redrawing texture, of course it isn't changing... As for large amounts of text - it may be better to create atlas that contains all glyphs (symbols graphical representation) you need and just assemble line symbol-by-symbol. –  keltar Apr 4 at 6:42
I am redrawing it, in my gameloop, then I tried to re update the texture and surface message every time my score get another +1 but the rendered text still won't change... Anyways, I'm curious about this Atlas thingy, let me search about it, thanks for the info about the atlas :D –  kdyz Apr 4 at 10:06
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Do you also call SDL_RenderPresent?

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