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I've got a Pylons controller with an action called serialize returning content_type=text/csv. I'd like the response of the action to be named based on the input patameter, i.e. for the following route, produced csv file should be named {id}.csv : /app/PROD/serialize => PROD.csv (so a user can open the file in Excel with a proper name directly via a webbrowser)

map.connect('/app/{id}/serialize',controller = 'csvproducer',action='serialize')

I've tried to set different HTTP headers and properties of the webob's response object with no luck. However, I figured out a workaround by simply adding a new action to the controller and dynamically redirecting the original action to that new action, i.e.:

map.connect('/app/{id}/serialize',controller = 'csvproducer',action='serialize')
map.connect('/app/csv/{foo}',controller = 'csvproducer', action='tocsv')

The controller's snippet:

def serialize(self,id):
    session['key'] = self.service.serialize(id) #produces csv content
    redirect_to(str("/app/csv/%s.csv" % id))
  except Exception,e:

def tocsv(self):
    csv = session.pop("rfa.enviornment.serialize")
  except Exception,e:
  if csv:

The above setup works perfectly fine, however, is there a better/slicker/neater way of doing it? Ideally I wouldn't like to redirect the request; instead I'd like to either rename location or set content-disposition: attachment; filename='XXX.csv' [ unsuccessfully tried both :( ]

Am I missing something obvious here?


UPDATE: Thanks to ebo I've managed to do fix content-disposition. Should better read W3C specs next time ;)

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You should be able to set the content-disposition header on a response object.

If you have already tried that, it may not have worked because the http standard says that the quotes should be done by double-quote marks.

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Cheers, spot on, that was it! Missing double quotes. Darn! I spent too much time coding Python >:) –  Dave Feb 18 '10 at 8:13

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