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I have one string having 2 backslash followed by '%' symbol and i need to replace one in R.

x<-"70\\% marks obtained"

Error: '\%' is an unrecognized escape in character string starting "\%"

How can i do it?


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That is one backslash. Namely, \\ is one backslash inside of a string, since the backslash already escapes the backslash! To see with your own eyes, try:


instead of


which will show the one backslash (print will display two because it's wrapped in quotes and needs to be escaped).

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I know but i am using this in Sweave so it is treated as end of row so i want to change it to one backslash. –  user15662 Apr 4 at 2:43
Maybe you should actually describe your actual problem then so we don't have to guess what you're trying to do... –  Dason Apr 4 at 2:51
Then try gsub("\\\\", "\\", x, fixed = TRUE) –  Robert Krzyzanowski Apr 4 at 3:06

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