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I am using the Ruby AMQP Carrot library and I am trying to talk to a test RabbitMQ server on a virtual machine. The AMQP port is open on the machine but I can't get Carrot to establish an external connection. I have tried the following:

Carrot.queue('message', :durable => true, :server => '')

Carrot.queue('message', :durable => true, :host => '')

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I talked with the Carrot developer and this is the answer he gave me and it works great:

@client = Carrot.new(
 :host   => host,
 :port   => port.to_i,
 :user   => @opts['user'],
 :pass   => @opts['pass'],
 :vhost  => @opts['vhost'],
 :insist => @opts['insist']

queue = @client.queue('foo')
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