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A legacy backend requires the email body with a .tif document, no tif and it fails. So i need to generate a blank .tif, is there a fast way to do this with ghostscript?

edit: make once in project installation use when i need it.

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The following line will produce a 1 pixel Tiff file (340 bytes). That's the smallest Tiff file I could get.

gswin32c.exe -q -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=tiffpack -g1x1 -sOutputFile=small.tif -c newpath 0 0 moveto 1 1 lineto closepath stroke showpage quit

Actually, you can even reduce the command to:

gswin32c.exe -q -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=tiffpack -g1x1 -sOutputFile=small.tif -c showpage quit

without size gain, alas.

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Even shorter: gswin32c -o small.tif -g1x1 -sDEVICE=tiffpack -c showpage quit. Result is 302 bytes. –  Kurt Pfeifle Aug 10 '10 at 15:36

Couldn't you make your blank .tif file once and then attach the same file every time it is needed?

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It is better to do this, but I still would like to generate it, as I would prefer not to create it then distribute it in the package. –  Setori Oct 23 '08 at 4:53
The definition of .tif isn't going to change so the once generated file could be thought of as just a set of bytes that is the magic word for "blank .tif". You don't have to store that in the file system, it could be as a resource or directly in code. Isn't that better than an extra dependency? –  fryguybob Oct 23 '08 at 4:57

Might be something here: Re: [R] Making TIFF images with rtiff

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